Any person who has read Dark River and up knows of the underground tunnels that connect Clan territory, most notablly WindClan and ThunderClan. The Tunnels are used by The Ancients when a cat becomes a sharpclaw. The Tunnels are also the location of DarkClan's camp.

DarkClan ChatEdit

Rainbowheart pads in, and yawns. "So, Coffeestar, have we decided whether we are going to be attending Gatherings with the other Clans?"

Coffeestar: Of course we are! What did you think, mousebrain?

Rainbowheart rolls her eyes, and thumps her leader on the back of the head with her paw. "Who you calling mousebrained?" she growled playfully.

Loveshine pads into view. "What are you two fighting about this time?" She purred teasingly.

Tacobell: Don't ask me!

"Oh, hi, Tacobell!" Rainbowheart meowed. "How are you?"

Tacobell: I'm fine, thanks.

Lattefur: Hi there!

Libertypaw: Loveshine, when will we start training?

Loveshine yawned. "Tomorrow. I'm so tired; in fact, I'm going to go on to my nest." She pads away. (Hey guys, I really am heading to my "nest". I'm sleepy. See you tomorrow!)

"When is Rainbowstar going to pick the new deputy?" Flowerpetal muttered.

Cupcake: I don't want to be deputy. (i have permission to join)

Cupcake: I'm looking for a mate.

Ancients Chat Edit

Sparrow's Feather: We enter, right?

Shadow pelt: Yes, you'll be fine. ( do we do this cus what if it's going to get wet?)

Sparrow's Feather: (IDK) *pads in, and looks around*

Sharp Reed: (a small, lightly built black she-cat with light green eyes, a to-be, does someone mind putting me in the alligences? Thanks)

Sharp Reed: I want to be a sharpclaw! *eyes are determined and she steps deeper into the dark moist cave* Come on, I dont want to go alone! This is my assessment!

Shadow pelt: (Sure I'll add you) Sharp reed get back here (you just joined you can't just go in like that xD)

Sparrow's Feather: *Follows river, and sees somebody*

SHarp reed: (oh sorry, not an experienced Ancient XD) *turns back*

Shadow pelt: (Thats fine hawkey) *sighs*

Sparrow's Feather: (LOL, hawkey. Shruggy, what about Rock? Or should I just get out of th tunnels?)

Shadow pelt: (lol lets just say you did it :) if thats all right with you)

Sparrow's Feather: (Of course it is) I made it out!

Shadow pelt: "Well done" purrs*

Sparrow's Feather: So I'm a sharpclaw now?

Shadow plet: "Yes you are"