The Cave of Rushing Water is the Tribe's camp, where they shelter and rest. Like the Clan camps, all Tribe members can chat here.

Tribe Chat Edit

Comet:*Pads in* Well sharptooth is an old tale now. And the attack is a tale for kits. Im glad about that! No real bad dangers.*Grabs a small mouse*

Comet:*Sits and waits for Eagle*

"Comet?" Eagle calls, padding in.

Darkness: *Looks up, then continues licking paws*

Comet:"Yes?" *Looks up from washing her paws*

"You asked to meet me here?" he meowed.

"Yes I did. You see your the best tom I have seen so far."(Wait does he have a mate yet?)

Frost: Eagle, you... you love Comet? *heart is hurt*

"Oh Frost...I'm so sorry. But I love him. I'm having his kits." Comet cried.

Frost: *blue eyes widen* Already? I didn't even know you were mates... but, it.... it's okay. *turns and pads out of the cave; when she is out of sight her tail droops and a tear rolls down her cheek*

Darkness: -Stands up, and sinks into the shadows near a pool of water-

Frost: Hello, Darkness. *voice is level, but eyes are full of pain*

Darkness hissed her reply in her snakeish tone "Hello."

Darkness meowed to Cloud: "Almost ready to be a cave-guard."

Frost: Frost curled her tail around her paws and began to wash her ears

Darkness: -Licks mud off her pelt, and looks around-

Glow: Glow padded into the cave with an eagle dangling from her jaws. She dropped it at Frost's paws, and nodded towards it. "You've got to eat Frost. I know you're hurting, but starving won't help your broken heart."

Frost: Frost nodded, her blue eyes sad. "Thank you, Glow." she purred. She bent down to take a bite. The delicious taste filled her jaws, and she suddenly realized how hungry she was. She dug into it, taking large bites.

Glow: Glow purred, her eyes glowing with amusement as her sister gulped down the eagle.

Nest: hi!

Ripple - *Walks in*

Lion: "Hello, Ripple."

Ripple - Hello