Conflict at Sunningrocks

Hawkfire- *basks in the sun on the Sunningrocks and purrs delightedly* I love Sunningrocks...

Blacksong: -picks up herbs in mouth- I'm going to set these out to dry. -sets them on rocks- And, while they're drying, I might as well lay down. -lays down on Sunningrocks and closes eyes-

Hawkfire- *dozes off with her fiery tail flicking gently*

Firepelt: (Thunderclan warrior) *pads into camp* "Where's Hawkfire?"

Hawkfire: *growls and yelps, "GET OFF OUR TERRITORY YOU THUNDERCLAN FILTHBAG!"* (she looks at fire pleadingly)

Robinsong: Guys, please. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I'll collect these herbs

Hawkfire: It's my duty, as deputy of RiverCLan to protect us from intruders! *snaps at robinsong*

Firepelt: *looks down at ground with hung head, then looks back at Hawkfire with a un-readable look in eyes, then fades to pleading look also* "Fine! I'll leave. I had came to tell you something!" *Runs out of camp towards own territory, and into warriors den*

Robinsong: Very well, Hawkfire. Just don't get carried away, like when you mauled him. *walks off*

Hawkfire: *looks after Robinsong, with mouth open and then stares after where Firepelt had gone*

Acorncloud: Is something the matter, Hawkfire?

Cloverheart: What happened there?

Hawkfire: *coughs* Nothing, nothing at all. Just making sure Firepelt left, and shocked at what Robingson said.

Acorncloud: You know my sister. Hears something, never forgets about it. *sighs*

Hawkfire: *lays on Sunningrocks* Yeah. Sometimes Forestheart can be like that...

Firepelt: (Thunderclan warrior) *crouchs behind camp waiting for Hawkfire to tell her something. hoping no Riverclan warriors find me and tell there leader and Ravenstar*

Robinsong: Forestheart? What do you know about Forestheart?

Hawkfire: *flinches* Just met him at a Gathering, that's all. He seems a bit like me, sarcastic and likes to tease others. *scents firepelt and edges towards the forest* I'm going hunting

Glossypaw: Wow Hawkfire sure is acting weird!

Firepelt: *flinchs as he hears paw steps behind him, and it's not Hawkfire's scent he smells*

Autumnpaw: I know! She didn't even arrange a hunting patrol! Want to go after her? *looks at Glossypaw hopefully*

Firepelt: *Shrinks next to camp wall, even though he can't hide well, and waits for the Other Riverclan cat(s) to find him*

Cloverheart: Firepelt?

Acorncloud: What are you doing here?

Glossypaw: *follows Hawkfire's scent in the forest, beckoning Autumnpaw to come along*

Firepelt: *scrunchs up waiting for Cloverheart to call the clan leader or other warriors*

Hawkfire: *finds Firepelt and hisses urgently," Apprentices coming! We must go somewhere else! *runs to the Forest of Light*

Autnmpaw: *Follows Glossypaw*

Firepelt: "Cloverheart, call your leader or other warriors. I don't care, I know im just going to be hald prisioner since this is the second time in one day I was found here." *turns and looks at Cloverheart and lays down*

Cloverheart: just go!

Firepelt: "No! I can't let myself get away with this. This is the second time I was found, and I just can't let you let me go!"

Glossypaw: *yowls at firepelt and lunges at him, raking her claws down his muzzle* GET HIM!

Firepelt: *just sits there and filchs as all his wounds are opened again and scarlet splatters to ground*

Glossypaw: *her sleek, oily fur makes it hard to get a grip on her* Get off our territory!

Firepelt: *falls unconcious*

Hawkfire: *yowls and lashes out a paw, claws unsheathed and catches Glossypaw and throws her off of Firepelt*

Glossypaw: *looks shocked and tumbles to the ground, bleeding*

Autunmpaw: What have you done to her? *looks shocked*

Robinsong: Yes, what have you done to her?

Hawkfire: She's okay. *eyes are full of regret and shock*

Glossypaw: *gets up, hissing at Hawkfire*

Firepelt: *has a convulsion then wakes up* "Hello Hawkfire." *looks of into Thunderclan territory. "Im sorry I made you do that, you didn't have to." *Stands up weakly, and turns toward Hawkfire's clan-mates, ready to slash

Hawkfire: *decides between firepelt or her clan, and tears start rolling down her cheeks*

Glossypaw: *growls at Hawkfire and Firepelt and gets ready to fight*

Firepelt: *cough* "Hawkfire, choose Riverclan over me, you should'nt have to leave your clan-mates, we can be mates over the boarder, or you can join Thunderclan, Im sure Ravenstar will let you. But i'll fight your clan-mates if I have to." *weakly un-sheaths claws, ready to feel his fur rip*

Hawkfire: No, I'm sorry, I love you too much! *feels pain in her decision and prepares to fight*

Firepelt: *smiles* "I love you to. I just wish Thunderclan will find out im missing and follow my scent here to help us." *growls at Glossypaw -cough- then hiss's*

Blacksong: -runs in, snarling- ENOUGH!!!

Firepelt: "Blacksong! Thank Starclan your here! Help Hawkfire and I!"

Blacksong narrows her eyes. "That depends," she mews suspiciously. "What am I helping you with, and why?"

Hawkfire: *leaps at Glossypaw and bowls her over, cuffing her ears with unsheathed claws*

Glossypaw: I can't believe you! *slashes Hawkfire's muzzle and ears*

Firepelt: "Stay off her!" *jumps in front of Hawkfire*

Firepelt: "Blacksong, we need you to patch up our wounds"

Robinsong: *gets in between* Knock it off!

Hawkfire: *slashes Robinsong's flank and bites her hind leg*

Glossypaw: *screams at Hawkfire* STOP! *plummets her with her paws*

Firepelt: *Hiss's at Robinsong* "Leave Hawkfire and I alone!"

Glossypaw: *trips Firepelt and then lands on his back and tears off clumps of ginger fur*

Hawkfire: *slashes Glossypaw and throws her off with her claws and teeth*

Glossypaw: *wild-eyed, lands in a clump of brambles and winces as thorns pierce her*

Echowave: Leave Hawkfire and Firepelt alone!

Hawkfire: *eyes are lighted with the wild feeling of fighting and prepares to fight anyone*

Firepelt: *lays on ground letting self by pummled since he can't fight anyways.*

Autunmpaw: Who will be deputy now?

Firepelt: *gets up and wobbly walks to own territory* "Don't-attack-me-anymore." Firepelt pants as he walks away

Moonsky:(thunderclan) Rubystar?

Cloverheart: She's out of camp what is it?

Firepelt: (Thunderclan) "We nede to speak with her about something. In private."

Cloverheart: Just give me the message and i will give her it.

Firepelt: *growls* "No. WE will give her the message. Why should we tell you what it is?"

Cloverheart:-calm voice- Okay then you are welcomed then,,-opens entrance to let them in-

Firepelt: *hiss's* "Thats better. Come, Moonsky"

Coverheart: I;'m sorry.

Moonsky:-follows Firepelt-

Creamfur: cuts off the ThunderClan warriors, "No! You can't go into are camp,"